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30-Day Entrepreneur Challenge
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30-Day Entrepreneur Challenge $500 Giveaway
30-Day Entrepreneur Challenge $500 Giveaway

WIN $500 CASH*

1- Take the 30-day challenge

2- Complete each task

3- Submit your workbook

4- #30dayentrepreneur on IG

*$500 towards a new business. One winner per 30-day session

Must purchase workbook to enter contest. 

Allen's Entrepreneur Management Services


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As a new entrepreneur, you’re going to need a solid roadmap to success. You need someone who’s been there and done that. Take me on your entrepreneur journey with you.  I’ll help you:

  • Create a powerful brand
  • Register your intellectual property 
  • Structure your business
  • Develop your product offer
  • Build your business website 
  • Create a marketing plan 

    for your product/service

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You have questions, and I have the answers. My entrepreneur journey has taught me priceless lesson that can only be learned in the field through trial and error.  Ask me anything about:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Website design 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Book writing 
  • Self-Publishing
  • T-shirt Business
  • Music Business
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Music-Business Management

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Perry University independent artist Development Program

You can have all the talent in the world, but you’ll never be financially successful if you don’t know the business. Take me on your journey with you. I’ll help you build a foundation for a success career in the entertainment business as an independent music artist. Services include: 

  • Create your brand
  • Copyright your music
  • Trademark your brand
  • Structure your music label
  • Create a publishing company
  • Setup digital distribution
  • Create your product offer
  • Design your merchandise
  • Build a Business website 
  • Create a marketing plan 

8-Week Turn-Around Time  | Free Consultations  |  Free eBook

Music Business Management
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